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Setting Limits Without Guilt
Have you ever given in to your children just to get them to be quiet or overreacted to your child’s behavior and then later regretted it? When we manage our guilt by either fighting or giving in to children, we end up teaching the very behaviors we are trying to eliminate. There is a better way! Discover new ways to effectively manage your guilt and teach children the behaviors you want. Learn how to shift from fear to love-based discipline that helps you to stay calm, keep connected and increase your child’s motivation to cooperate.
From Crazy to Calm! Brain Smart Strategies that Build Self-Control
Recent brain research indicates that all higher level thinking shuts down when faced with stress, threats or fear. When in lower levels of the brain, we unconsciously react, defend or attack rather than respond to life’s events that allow us to choose, resolve and problem solve. We are currently living in a culture of anxiety. Children are the population experiencing the most stress. This workshop is designed help participants understand the underpinnings of brain function and self control. Participants will learn effective strategies to help calm themselves and their children so that they can access their brilliance to help teach children to self-calm.
Transforming Aggression — Helping Those Who Hurt
Aggression is often the most challenging behavior for adults to manage in classrooms and homes. Participants will understand how children become aggressive and the seven beliefs that help adults effectively manage it. Participants will understand the three types of aggression and strategies for defusing fights that help motivate the aggressor to be helpful rather than hurtful.
“They Never Listen to Me.” — Saying No and Being Heard
Are you tired of repeating yourself, what seems like, a hundred times before your child will listen? Discover some of the ineffective patterns of adult speech that interfere with a child’s willingness to listen. Participants will learn effective strategies for expressing themselves in a way that children listen.
“That’s it. You’re Grounded” — Consequences That Work!
“That’s it! You are grounded for life!” Have you ever found yourself imposing a consequence on your child that you ended up regretting, one
that you know you cannot actually enforce? Do you find yourself giving in or using the same consequence repeatedly and wondering if it is
really teaching your child/teen? Do you feel guilty or resentful about the consequences you have imposed? In this workshop, you will gain a
new understanding of the effective and ineffective intentions and use of consequences. Discover how to effectively set consequences that
teach children to take responsibility without blaming you.
“Help My Teen is an Alien” — Building a Relationship That Motivates Cooperation
Adolescence is a time when adults and teens often feel disconnected. This workshop is designed to help both parties reconnect. Willingness comes from feeling connected, supported and understood. Adults will learn strategies for rebuilding the relationship that motivates cooperation, respect and willingness in teens.
“No I Won’t and You Can’t Make Me” — Helping Children Shift from Defiance to Compliance
Are you tired of fighting with your children over everything from doing their homework and going to bed to picking up their toys and eating their peas? Discover what’s behind power struggles and learn strategies that help children to choose to comply without defiance. You will learn how to prevent power struggles and steps to help children build free will without stepping over your boundaries.
“She Hit Me!” — Empowering Children Who Are Bullied
A victim in any aggressive act feels powerless. This workshop will help participants understand the dynamics of the bully/victim relationship
and the skills for teaching children who feel powerless to have a voice that is heard. Participants will learn the steps for helping children go back in time to handle conflict in a more helpful way.
“See Me. Hear Me. Notice Me.” — Wiring the Brain to Problem Solve!
Children and adults can only access the highest centers (pre-frontal lobes) of their brains to problem solve in conflict. Participants will learn the skill of “noticing,” which allows one to be conscious of thoughts, feelings, and actions that prime the brain to respond from a place of solution rather than reacting like an emotional nut!
Connections That Count — Using ‘I Love You’ Rituals
Attachment refers to the bond developed between caretaker and child. Children with a healthy attachment are able to stay focused and accept disappointment. The willingness to cooperate is defined by the relationship we have with others. Participants will learn the difference between attention and connection along with strategies for building the bonds that increase motivation and focused attention in children.
“Help My Teen is an Alien.” — Understanding and Managing the Ups and Downs of Adolescence
This workshop is designed for parents or adults connected with teens. It is designed to help understand and cope with the seeming “alien” and the disconnected experience of adolescence. Understand adolescent developmental issues related to social emotional growth. Learn strategies for supporting and reconnecting with teens. Discover how conflict gets started — what’s behind all the arguments and how to prevent them. Learn strategies for negotiating agreements that the teen will respect and honor.
“You’re Not the Boss of Me!” — Creating Agreements That Teens Respect!
Adolescence is a time of transformation and teens often do not follow the routine that once was so easy. Teens are discovering that they are in charge of their choices and often defy your commands and demands. Learn strategies for setting boundaries and creating agreements that teens will take responsibility for and respect.


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