Classes and Courses

Courses are designed for adults who are committed to getting more in-depth training in Conscious Discipline®.

  1. Raising Resilient Children: A Conscious Discipline® Approach

    Discover and Learn…

    >How to set a limit without feeling guilt.

    >How to remain calm during the storm of power struggles.

    >Skills for helping develop impulse control and focused attention in children.

    >How to build a connected relationship that internalizes the motivation to cooperate without using bribes, rewards or coercion.

    >How to say “no” and be heard.

    >How to teach children to be assertive and avoid bully/victim roles to get their needs met.

    >Learn how to provide consequences that teach your child to take responsibility without blame or shame.
  2. Conscious Discipline Boot Camp
    A four-hour class that is designed to actively practice the skills of Conscious Discipline®. From beginners to advanced, these are actively engaging classes that challenge you to operate from the highest center of your brain to discipline in a moment of conflict.

  3. Managing the Mayhem: 6 Steps to Self-Regulation
    This is a 6 session class journey that will help those who are willing to explore their own self-regulation while learning how to help children regulate the fusses and fits.

    The sessions will focus on the following: 
    Session 1: Self Regulation: The bedrock Of Emotional Well Being 
    Session 2: Awareness: Our Relationship With Our Emotions and How it Affects the Children in Our Lives 
    Session 3: Feeling Messages: Following Our Emotional Guidance system 
    Session 4: The Adult Journey: Five Steps For Self Regulation 
    Session 5: The Child’s Journey: Coaching Children in Five Steps
    Session 6: Creating a Safe Place for self-regulation

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